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Permanent Impairment

ADF Members who have sustained injuries and illnesses due to their service may be eligible to receive financial compensation by way of Permanent Impairment payments from DVA.

These compensation payments are calculated as lifetime weekly payments and in some cases can be taken as a lump sum. Due to the lifelong impact of the payment decision and their interaction with many other forms of government assistance, it is highly recommended that eligible veterans receive personal financial advice prior to electing to receive the payment. In some cases, DVA will provide funding towards this advice which will be detailed in your determination letter.

APEX specialises in working on-on-one with the veterans to assess the value of the compensation offer (upfront, ongoing and the interaction and effects on any other benefits) and make recommendations on how best to receive it in order to meet your financial and life goals.

How can we help with your Permanent Impairment?

APEX Financial Services Group's Defence Service Advisers

Stephanie Dyer

Defence Services Financial Adviser
Ph: (07) 3180 8831

Nicholas Shaw

Defence Services Associate Financial Adviser
Ph: (07) 3180 8831