Financial Health: A Case Study (Natalie)

Risk is well understood, whether it be a  shock event or something that happens gradually to your health which affects your lifestyle protecting the asset of your income stream is crucial. At APEX Financial we rerefer to this as your ‘Financial Health’. What Insurances do you have in place? Do you understand the depth and breadth of your coverage well? Motivating individuals to protect themselves against an ‘unfelt’ risk can be challenging but too many of us already know of someone much like Natalie in our social circle. Review her case study and watch her speak about her experience which is a telling reminder about why we need to be mindful of our own Financial Health. 

Case Study: As a doctor and mother of five, Natalie had always believed in maintaining her life insurance as she was aware how quickly things could change for people in terms of their health . Little did she know that , what she believed was an ulcer was something much more and how the cover she put in place early in her life was going to make a huge difference to her and her family.