Financial Advice

We’ve seen significant growth in our client base over the last six months, a reaction to a market understanding that our changing environmental and economic landscape in 2020 makes foreward planning imperative for the long term wealth and financial health of Australians today.  At  APEX Financial Advice we have set out to provide financial advice to as many Australians as possible.  We seek to provide our clients with a point of difference in financial planning that is holistic and tailored to our client’s  specific circumstances.

Our Services

Our company aim is to ensure that our service provision compliments our clients’ needs, that our financial planning stands up to scrutiny, and ultimately helps you and your family in your financial future.

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Asset Protection

Whether it’s Income Protection, Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or Trauma Insurance, we conduct a full need analysis to ensure we have adequate protection in place to protect you and your family should the unexpected happen. We will review current policies and make recommendations relevant to your situation accounting for variables such as cash flow and tax

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Tax Advice

Tax advice will be provided at various parts of your financial plan, in our modelling of your plan we allow for a plethora of considerations including: negative gearing, fringe benefit taxes, salary sacrificing, capital gains tax, insurance,and, estate implications. We factor all of these taxes with a holistic approach to ensure you are left in the best position.

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Superannuation can be a mine field of constant rule changes and legislation. Here at APEX we look to simplify this whether looking at the reduction of fees, investments in line with your current stage of life, or, starting access your super approaching retirement.  APEX can even look at using your superannuation as an effective tax vehicle through various strategies.

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Investment Advice

We look at various investment strategies and tailor the strategy which best assists you in achieving your goals. We are aware that there is no such homogenous approach that works for all clients and our independent status motivates and incentivises us to provide you tailored transparent advice and service.

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Retirement Advice

We want you to feel comfortable in retirement as you have worked hard to get here and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. We look to provide tax advice around your retirement and various asset classes and also constantly monitoring your assets and providing forecasts to ensure you can maintain your lifestyle through retirement.

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Budget and Cash Flow Advice

At the cornerstone of any plan is understanding you current and projected cash flow. Although no one enjoys the dreaded budget it is important to get a grasp of your spending habits so we can accurately forecast the future goals. Budgets or spending plans need to be flexible as if there is no give in them they won’t be sustained and constantly fail that’s why a buffer must be built into these.

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Estate Planning

We look into your estate planning to ensure should the unexpected happen you loved ones are looked after financially and receive any funds in a prompt and efficient manner. We look at tax implications of your estate plan and can closely work with your solicitor to give you peace of mind that your wishes will be best carried out.

Apex Insurance

We also work closely with APEX Insurance when reviewing your Financial situation to ensure we are best meeting your needs. Where appropriate Gary can assist with the review of a range of policies including but not limited to: Home and Contents; Vehicle; Marine, and, Business Insurances. Any referrals to APEX Insurance and remuneration will be fully disclosed in writing within a client’s Statement of Advice. Gary Fletcher can be contacted directly to discuss the range of services available at APEX Insurance via contacts on his website. Click here to be directed to APEX Insurance.

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